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Apple: 860 million subscribers, from Apple TV + to Apple Music


Apple’s services continue to thrive. They are now one of the most important balance sheet items of the bitten apple. During the last fiscal quarter, users subscribed to Apple’s many subscriptions exceeded 860 million.

The figure includes all subscriptions: from Apple Music to Apple TV + , passing through iCloud +, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness, Apple News + and so on. Moreover, services that for some time have also been available in an all-inclusive bundle (or almost) called Apple One .

Over the past 12 months – Apple CFO Luca Maestri explained – Apple has gained over 160 million new subscribers. Apple does not provide a breakdown of the performance of individual services. The data is therefore a cauldron that includes subscriptions – individual or bundled – to the many different subscriptions offered by the company. However, Maestri added that during the last quarter both Apple TV + and Apple Arcade did very well, gaining new ground.

The Services division – which includes the aforementioned services, but not only – generated revenues of $ 19.60 billion, up from 17.48 a year ago. Growing on an annual basis. Apple also recorded growth in the smartphone division, while other products – such as Macs – fared a little less well.


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