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Apple and Facebook have discussed revenue sharing in the past


Facebook has been in a feud with Apple ever since the iPhone maker introduced its App Tracking Transparency feature which allows users to forgo cross-app tracking on its platforms. In the past, however, Apple has reportedly discussed potential “revenue sharing deals” with Facebook that could have given Apple a “slice of Facebook’s revenue.”

According to the Wall Street Journal , which says most of the discussions took place between 2016 and 2018, one idea Apple discussed was Facebook creating an ad-free version of its subscription-based app, Apple would have raised its standard 15% to 30% commission on Facebook in-app subscriptions via the App Store, but Facebook ultimately decided against the idea, the report says.

Apple also alleged that the Facebook app’s sponsored posts feature, which allows pages on the site to promote a post to a wider paid audience, should have been considered in-app purchases and therefore subject to the 30% fee. Apple. In a statement, an Apple spokesperson said the company regularly meets with developers of all sizes to discuss commercial matters, these are the words of the Apple spokesperson:

Every day we meet and collaborate with developers of all sizes to make suggestions, address issues and help them continue to grow their businesses

Who added that the rules for app developers like Facebook are “applied equally to all developers because we think a fair application results in the best user experience.”




  • Apple and Facebook Reportedly Discussed ‘Revenue-Sharing’ Ideas in Past (MacRumors)


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