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Apple blocks the update of Telegram, the CEO complains


On his Telegram channel , the company’s CEO talks about how he finds it “daunting” that you are often unable to distribute new versions of Telegram due to the obscure ‘review process’ imposed on all mobile apps by technological monopolies.

These are his words:

For example, our next update, which is about to revolutionize the way people express themselves in messages, has been stuck in Apple’s “review” for two weeks, with no explanation or feedback from Apple.

Durov ‘s complaint is similar to what other small developers have already faced, as sometimes, for no reason, Apple takes much longer than expected to approve an app or claims it violates an App Store policy even if it doesn’t . does.

Telegram CEO continues the message:


If Telegram, one of the top 10 most popular apps globally, is getting this treatment, one can only imagine the difficulties faced by smaller app developers. It’s not just demoralizing – it causes direct financial losses to hundreds of thousands of mobile apps around the world.

Durov goes further and talks about the 30% tax that Apple and Google take from app developers , “who, according to them, should pay for the resources needed to review apps.”

Complaints about the App Store review process and its policies are not new, as Epic Games has also sued Apple over antitrust concerns, and some governments around the world have done the same.

  • Telegram CEO complains about App Store ‘obscure review process’ after update gets stuck (9to5Mac)


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