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Apple Car, hired the Italian Luigi Taraborrelli: he has been with Lamborghini for 20 years


In great secrecy, Apple continues to work on its mysterious electric car. And he does it with a frenetic – and now all too frequent – turnover of cadres and managers. A continuous in and out. But for every name he leaves behind – like the former Tesla Doug Field – there is, in fact, a new name coming in.

So it happens that this time to debut in the Apple team is an Italian. Luigi Taraborrelli , with a very prestigious curriculum: he is the former N.1 in Lamborghini ‘s Chassis and Vehicle Dynamics division . For over 20 years, Taraborrelli has worked with the Italian luxury brand signing some of the most iconic vehicles, including the Urus, Huracan and Aventador . Apple recently hired former Ford executive Desi Ujkashevic as well. In short, the purchasing campaign continues incessantly, but the Apple Car, for the moment, not even the shadow.

In the recent past, Apple – so the press reported – had also begun to contact some automotive brands, on the way of a possible partner. Apple, it was said, was willing to entrust the material production of the vehicle to some titans of the sector. Among the names involved are also Hyundai and Kia, but in the end it seems that nothing has been done about it. At least for the moment, who knows in the future.


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