Apple confirms the March event, focus on performance


Apple has finally had the opportunity to clarify its plans for 2022 , given that, although there is still no specific talk of real products, the company has had the opportunity to confirm an event for the month of March , exactly in the day of 8 . Everything will be broadcast from Cupertino exactly at 19:00 (Italian time), and therefore we can already expect in a few days many news regarding the company’s news for this year, on which we have not yet had precise news.

There is still talk of a digital-only formula , and we have several previews about what could be explored in the course of the upcoming conference, which certainly arrived not at the best time, but in any case already planned in times when there was still no talk of war. , according to the multiple reports that had anticipated it. Considering what we know, it seems that there will be room for an update related to the iPhone SE (most likely, the iPhone SE 3 ), as well as for the iPad Air and a device that is part of the huge family of Macs, from mini to a new one. MacBook Pro .

Although there is no precise information about what will be treated during the conference, it must be said that the title, “peak performance”, or “peak performance”, already suggests that it is not certain that it is not space for the reveal of the M2 SoCs , devices that could greatly improve what has been seen to date with the M1 , M1 Pro and M1 Max of the giant, arrived in different sauces to offer a lot of potential.

That’s all for now, and we will only have to wait until March 8, except for unpleasant postponements that are now unlikely, given the proximity of the date, to finally find out more information about the company’s plans.




  • Apple Event Announced for March 8: ‘Peek Performance’ (MacRumors)


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