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Apple has reduced acquisitions, as explained by an insider


As recently explained by Mark Gurman , a well-known Bloomberg insider , over the last two years Apple has drastically reduced the number of acquisitions, as there is talk of how the company has spent only 33 million dollars in the last year and 169 million dollars in the first months of the current one.

We are talking specifically about much less than the 1.5 billion dollars for the fiscal year of 2020, with various startups that have allowed the giant to improve what has been seen with Siri , Face ID and more, with speed which has shrunk considerably over time.

At the moment we are talking about the acquisition of Credit Kudos and AI Music which are the known acquisitions in 2022 , with Primephonic acquired in 2021, at least as regards those notes of which a specific announcement has been made.

This happens contrary to what we have seen with Microsoft , Google , Amazon and many others, which have found themselves day by day evaluating many acquisitions, while it is not clear if in a while the company will be able to evaluate a greater number of acquisitions in order to flesh out its power in various areas.




  • Apple Has Dramatically Slowed Its Pace of Corporate Acquisitions (MacRumors)


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