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Apple has started production on a TV series based on William Gibson’s Neuromancer

After a series of rumors, it became officially known that Apple has given the green light to the production of a series based on the cult work Neuromancer by William Gibson. The showrunner is Graham Roland (Jack Ryan, Dark Winds).



10 episodes planned. The pilot will be directed by Double Loop director Justin Dillard. Neuromancer is produced by Skydance, Anonymous Content and Drake’s DreamCrew Entertainment.


The world of the near future is permeated with virtual space, and human flesh is completely dissected by high-tech devices. Huge megacities cover the surface of the Earth, and giant corporations selflessly fight among themselves with all available methods.



One day, a cyberspace “cowboy” who makes a mistake gets a chance to return to his native information element, working for an unknown employer. His companion becomes a charming mercenary, the “street samurai” Molly.


The cast and start date of filming for the Neuromancer series are unknown. Gibson’s book was published in 1984.


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