Apple: in April a museum will open in Warsaw to retrace the history of the brand


During the month of April 2022 , fans of the Apple world will have to deal with a particularly interesting new reality. There is talk of a real museum dedicated to the products of the well-known Cupertino company, which will be born in the Norblin industrial complex in Warsaw .

The place in question will contain a complete collection where fans will be able to discover the entire history and development of one of the most important companies in the world, which is now in a particularly important situation as regards the technology sector. .

With more than 1,600 pieces to admire , which will not all be offered at the same time but will be presented with a periodically rotating formula, we will go from Apple 1 , to Macintosh 128K to many jewels ready to be appreciated by the fans of the colossus, who now it will put its ten-year history back into play thanks to this pleasant initiative.

Everything was made with the love for pop culture, which by showing the history of the 46-year-old brand will have the opportunity to retrace the very birth of this world, with over 100 hours of videos present in the place that will show useful information.




  • Unofficial ‘Apple Museum of Poland’ with over 1600 exhibits dating back to 1976 opening soon (9To5Mac)


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