Apple is not far from the idea of ​​acquiring big companies

Tim Cook said that Apple is constantly monitoring the market for potential acquisitions.

Apple recently announced its latest quarterly earnings report. During this statement, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook , said that Apple is not far from the idea of ​​acquiring large companies. Cook said that Apple will proceed in line with its strategic plans; he added that they would never buy a company that is not strategically important to them. 


During an interview with Apple’s investors, Tim Cook was asked if they would buy external products to further expand Apple’s service catalog. Tim Cook said the company is constantly monitoring the market for potential acquisitions, even though he didn’t elaborate on Apple’s strategies . Cook stated that they can buy a big company if they see it logically. At this point, Cook was actually asked whether the company would buy Netflix. Because analysts think that Apple should make such purchases. 

Tim Cook added that Apple is more interested in smaller companies and individual talent that can contribute to them, rather than large companies. That is, from here Apple does not just make purchases to generate revenue; We understand that this is not the focus. However, it is necessary to wait for the following period to see what purchases Apple will make.

In addition to all these, Apple’s last quarterly earnings report was also announced. Overall, Apple reported $83 billion in revenue and $19.4 billion in profit. Earnings per share for the quarter reached $1.20. Revenue from iPhone was $40.67 billion. Mac generated $7.38 billion, iPad $7.22 billion, wearables $8.08 billion and services $19.60 billion.


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