Apple is targeting new suppliers for the iPhone 14


There are certainly cases in which Apple finds itself thinking about how to have a way to improve its devices, and among the possible maneuvers there is also the one that sees the Cupertino giant think of new suppliers for what concerns the realization of components.

All this allows in some cases to access new features that were not possible before, as well as price decreases that can consequently be found in the final purchase price for consumers. While the colossus is therefore mass-producing its new iPhone 14, we find out as detailed by Gizmochina that there are news in this regard.

As explained by the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo , Apple would have decided to choose PMICs for what concerns the batteries present within the iPhone 14 series , which should be announced during the month of September 2022 as is generally the case for smartphones. of the company.

We are therefore waiting to find out more details about what could be the actual improvements in this sense, which should be explained as soon as the giant will finally have the opportunity to present its next gems.




  • Apple is increasing its list of suppliers (Gizmochina)


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