Apple: new fine from the Netherlands, the total is close to 50 million euros


Apple still faces a new fine from the Netherlands. Those who follow this type of content about the Cupertino giant could find themselves in front of a deja-vu, given that once again, as explained on the pages of Reuters , there is talk of 5 million euros to be paid.

The total amount that the company has paid has therefore now reached 45 million euros, at least as far as the Netherlands is concerned, but this has the opportunity to increase every week and in case the deadlines are not met in the short term, it could exceed 50 million in just a few days.

It must be said that according to Reuters the figure could increase dramatically even exponentially, with the next fines that would be even more hefty in this case. Apple confirmed its intention to change its payment methods for dating apps and revealed that it has reduced fees for third-party systems by 30 to 27% .

However, the demand from the Netherlands is still not satisfied with the company’s decision to force dating apps to have to choose between the classic purchase systems or additional ones, considering that the company has to ask the developers for data to calculate the commissions. and trace them. The goal is for platforms to be able to offer both systems , and it seems that until this becomes standard the fines will continue to come.




  • Apple’s Fines in Dutch Antitrust Case Could Exceed € 50 Million (MacRumors)


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