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Apple signs Luigi Taraborrelli, a manager at Lamborghini

He transferred Luigi Taraborrelli, who worked as a manager at the Italian car brand Lamborghini. It has been learned that the experienced manager has been working at Lamborghini for 20 years. 

Apple, which has been working on its electric car ” Apple Car ” since 2014, came up with an important step on this issue today.  According to Bloomberg ‘s report, the company has transferred Luigi Taraborrelli, who works as a manager at Italian car brand Lamborghini. It has been learned that the experienced manager has been working at Lamborghini for 20 years. 


Apple is working hard on its electric vehicle, which it plans to launch in 2024. In parallel, in September last year, Apple appointed Kevin Lynch, former Adobe CTO, former Apple Watch manager, to head ‘Project Titan  . Another of the names that Apple transferred for the project was Tesla Autopilot software engineer Christopher “CJ” Moore. But Moore announced last May that he was leaving Apple to join Luminar, a lidar company based in Orlando, Florida, as its new head of software . 

7 years dream

Apple, which does not want to be left behind in the competition of producing autonomous and electric vehicles, came to the fore for the first time in 2014 with the Titan Project. It started work on an electric and driverless car called the “Apple Car” in 2015. In January 2019, news was shared that Apple would terminate Project Titan, its self-driving car project. In December 2020, it was said that the project would not be terminated. 

It has been announced that Apple’s driverless and electric car will appear in 2024 . In January 2021, the South Korean automaker announced that Hyundai Motor was in the early stages of potentially working with Apple to develop an electric car . In February of the same year, it was announced that Apple’s electric driverless car would be produced in the United States . Soon after, it was rumored that talks on electric driverless car production between Apple and Hyundai Motor had been halted . 

After the electric self-driving vehicle talks between Apple and Hyundai were suspended, it was rumored that Nissan was involved in the negotiations. However, Nissan denied these claims in a statement . Right after, Apple announced that it has started preparations for lidar sensors to be used in its electric driverless car . Taiwan-based Foxconn and China-based Luxshare, which were among Apple’s largest suppliers last March, started their work for the supply of auto parts . 



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