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Apple Vision Pro buyers began returning devices, complaining of various problems

Thousands of people lined up outside Apple stores on February 2 to see the Vision Pro’s impressive debut, but in recent days disappointed customers have begun returning the gadgets. Why? Users who purchased Vision Pro on launch day will have a 14-day return period on February 16th. They seem to have saved their Apple receipts and are now sharing their experiences on the X network.


“I’m returning my Vision Pro,” writes one X user, along with an essay explaining why he’s giving up his first Apple glasses.

“What a terrible day. I can’t believe it, but I returned the Vision Pro,” reads a tweet from another user from the Apple store.

“Goodbye Vision Pro. The era of spatial computing is clearly not here yet,” wrote another user X, attaching a sad photo of the glasses back in the box.

Searches for “apple vision refund” have spiked in the past week, with many first-time buyers hoping to get their $3,500 back. This is despite the fact that the Vision Pro was one of the most anticipated gadgets of the decade. However, many people found the glasses too expensive, too heavy, causing headaches and facial pain.


Despite its beauty and impressive capabilities, Vision Pro may take several generations for Apple to truly break into the world of “spatial computing.”

Technobros share tragic stories of returning their prized toy, as if they’ve lost their jobs, when they’re more likely just trying to get attention. But there is some truth to these tweets – for many, the Vision Pro was a huge disappointment in the hope that the expensive glasses would launch an “iPhone moment” in the world of AR/VR.

But the Vision Pro is not an iPhone, at least not yet. Although even the iPhone disappointed many at first. Another drawback of Vision Pro is the small number of applications and practical use cases.


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