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Apple wants to get rid of passwords forever


Despite Passkeys’ announcement at WWDC 2022 in June , the company has left us wanting more and more information on how Apple Passkeys will work . The tech giant has joined forces with Microsoft and Google as part of the FIDO Alliance in a joint effort to eliminate passwords from our Internet accounts in an effort to increase security, and each manufacturer will release their own model in the coming months, with the Apple access keys that will arrive in the fall with iOS 16 and macOS Ventura .

Passkeys are based on public key encryption, which involves storing a private security key on the device, instead of sharing this key to log in, your device will confirm that you have the right key and create some sort of signature to authorize access.

Just because the key is stored on your device doesn’t mean you can’t use non-Apple hardware. While Apple’s password manager promises to sync across devices, if you have to use another type of device, simply scan a QR code with your iPhone, as there is no password to type, phishing and other scams. they will become much less frequent.

For families, friends and loved ones, it is certain that it will still be possible to share passkeys via AirDrop, which means that joint accounts using the same credentials will not be affected.




  • Apple outlines its plans to get rid of passwords for good (TechRadar)


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