Apricot picking fight of relatives: 1 dead

In Erzinca, a fight broke out between relatives İlbeyi Karğın (70) and Gürsel Kep (61) because of picking apricots from the tree in the garden. Karğın lost his life in the fight, and Kep, who was taken into custody, was arrested.

The incident took place in the village of Konukçu in the İliç district of Erzincan at noon on July 28 . İlbeyi Karğın, father of 3 children, allegedly went to help his wife’s aunt İpek Karğın to collect apricots from the tree belonging to her husband Sündüz Karğın’s father Bekir Kep on 27 July. Karğın was insulted and threatened by his relatives Gürsel Kep and his wife Zeynep Sırma Kep (58), who allegedly said that the tree was in their land.


When İlbeyi Karğın realized that he was missing his glasses, he went back to the place where the apricot tree was located on 28 July to look for it. Gürsel Kep, who appeared in front of him again, stated that the tree belonged to him and asked him to go away. Thereupon, the discussion between Kep and Karğın turned into a fight. It was claimed that Karğın, who allegedly wanted to pick up a stone from the ground and throw it at Kep, lost his balance and fell on his face. It was revealed that Karğın, who was taken to Erzincan State Hospital, died at the scene.


The gendarmerie, which started an investigation into the incident, took Gürsel Kep, who was detained, to the İliç Courthouse. Kep, whose statement was taken at the prosecutor’s office, was transferred to the İliç Criminal Court of Peace for the crime of willful killing. In his statement at the court, Kep said, “Ilbeyi was on the tree in my garden. I went to him and asked him to get off my tree. We had an argument after he got down. He punched me. We fought for about 5 minutes. Then I pushed my wife and her, who came to separate us. I saw her fall to the ground. I don’t know what happened next. I didn’t do it. “I do not accept the accusation. I demand a trial without arrest,” he said.


I can collect the fruit of this tree, my mother-in-law’s tree,” he said. We had no further discussion or argument over this. They even came to visit us 3-4 days before the event,” he said.


The court arrested Gürsel Kep, father of three, on the charge of willful murder on 29 July and sent him to the prison in Erzincan. İlbeyi Karğın, who was understood to have died at the scene of the Erzincan State Hospital where he was taken, was buried in Istanbul, where he was taken by his relatives by land.


Arif Onur Karğın, grandson of İlbeyi Karğın, said that both families live in Istanbul but spend the summer in their villages, and told DHA:

“While my grandfather İlbeyi Karğ was going to help İpek Karğın, who is his wife’s aunt, to collect apricots, my grandmother’s cousin was threatened and insulted by İpek Karğın’s brother’s child and husband. He went to the crime scene. However, he was attacked by Gürsel Kep and his wife. My grandfather, who was battered by the husband and wife, determined that the murder was committed with the knotty wood on which the gendarmerie teams detected blood at the crime scene. The statements of the suspects do not agree with each other. testified but what a Bucket. What bag do you have? My grandfather İlbeyi Karğın was a person who had difficulty in walking because he had heart and diabetes. Gürsel Kep said in his statement that he was punched and thrown stones. Gürsel Kep received a report of assault on the day of the incident and the next day. No hits on either of them. I also have the documents. There are those who see from the village. There are those who say stick while the event is still hot. Now they deny it. They did not respect our funeral, our pain. Had he lived, he would have had a major surgery 5 days after the event. They tortured a sick man. Justice will be served. Whoever did it will go to bed. I think the woman did. We are waiting for results. I will go to the end.” (DHA)


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