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Aquaman creator Ramona Fradon dies

On February 24, Ramona Fradon, an impressive figure in the world of comics and one of the key figures in DC history, passed away.



The artist is primarily known for her work on Aquaman and as the creator of the superhero Metamorpho in 1965.


The artist passed away at the age of 98. This was reported by its representatives – Catskill Comics. It is noted that Fradon continued to work literally until her last days.



The future legend was born in 1926 in Chicago. She received her education in New York. Her father was an extremely famous logo designer, and her older brother and uncle were also in the business.


According to Fradon’s recollections, she didn’t read comics at all as a child, but she really loved strips in newspapers. Paying attention to this, her father convinced her to go to art school. And he guessed right: during her career, Fradon has won a number of prestigious industry regalia.


Ramona Fradon, among other things, drew comics about The Simpsons and SpongeBob, about Sonic the Hedgehog, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and worked for Marvel. In particular, on the Fantastic Four comics in the early 1970s.


The husband is the cult cartoonist Arthur Dana Fradon, who made about 1,400 drawings for The New Yorker magazine alone.


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