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“Are they completely in their own Russia already? Maybe borscht is also Russian?” The developer of Control pounced on the book “Playtime!”

Senior game designer of last year’s action-adventure game Control Sergey Mokhov, a Ukrainian by origin, criticized Andrey Podshibyakin’s book ” Time for Games! ” about the golden age of game development in the CIS. An employee of Remedy Entertainment did not like that in the description, next to the wording “Russian” and “domestic”, games such as World of Tanks and STALKER, created on the territory of Belarus and Ukraine, are adjacent. The developer wrote his message with claims in Ukrainian, after apologizing to English-speaking fa


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“I want to apologize to my English-speaking readers right away – I just couldn’t pass by this book and not say anything. Are they there, I beg your pardon, completely […] (obscene language) in the Russian Federation?”. Stalker and World of Tanks in their understanding – “domestic games”? And maybe Russian borscht too?” he wrote.

The editor-in-chief of Denis Storonyak ( Varyag_Ericsson ) decided to answer Mokhova . He pointed out that the book “Time to play!” is not a collective or state work, so it would be more correct to ask questions to the author, Podshibyakin himself, and not to write about all of Russia.

This tweet was commented by a Remedy employee with another scathing message.

“Well, firstly, I don’t know what kind of bald […] (obscene language), secondly, no one says that the work is state-owned, and thirdly, you have a butthurt for Mother- Russia or what?

Storniak turned out to be a resident of the Ukrainian city of Lviv and noted the strangeness of Mokhov’s wording, given that Remedy Entertainment also works for the Russian market.

“I live in Lvov, in Ukraine. Firstly, this is. Secondly, you are a representative of a Finnish company that also works on the Russian market, so it is at least strange of you to indiscriminately and publicly accuse abstract “You are there in the Russian Federation” when there is a specific author.

This ended the conversation.

“Ok, everything is clear! Goodbye!”, Mokhov said goodbye, blocking the editor of

Author of the book “Playtime!” Andrey Podshibyakin lives in the USA. He never received any questions from Mokhov, describing the claims with the words “Ore has gone.”

Sergey Mokhov did not delete his messages – they are available on his Twitter page.

In response to other players who were interested, among other things, why the developer reads Russian books, a Remedy employee assured that he did not actually read – he saw “Games time!” by accident .

“But I don’t actually read. I saw the cover on Goodreads, reminded me of Sweat, Blood and Pixels. Like about games. I pressed it and the skateboard fell out of my hands.”

Game designer Control also called “horror” the normal perception of such books by Ukrainians.


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