Arrest the truck driver in the accident that killed 2 people on the motorcycle in Şanlıurfa

Abdurrezzak Saçaklı, the driver who was detained in connection with the death of 2 people on a motorcycle hit by a truck in Şanlıurfa, was arrested.

The Accident occurred on July 26 on Necmettin Cevheri Boulevard. Excavation-laden truck with license plate 63 BB 446 under the administration of Abdurrezzak Saçaklı collided with the motorcycle with license plate 63 ZD 596 used by Halil Mermertaş (50). In the accident, Mermertaş, who was under the truck, and Syrian national Yusuf El Hasan (19) behind him lost their lives. While the moment of the accident was reflected on the camera of another vehicle, the truck driver was detained. Stating that he did not notice the motorcycle in his statement at the police station, Abdurrezzak Saçaklı was referred to the courthouse after the proceedings. Fringe was arrested by the on-duty judge on the charge of ‘causing death by negligence’.



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