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“Awesome project not to be missed”: Resident Evil 4 remake receives very high ratings in the Western press

Capcom lifted the embargo on the publication of reviews of the Resident Evil 4 remake a week before the premiere of the project, being completely confident in the high ratings, and her instinct did not let her down.


Journalists were completely delighted with the modern version of the cult classic  at the moment, the average release rating on Metacritic is 93 points out of 100 possible in versions for PlayStation 5Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The remake received the status of “Must-Play”, that is, it is highly recommended for review.

According to most critics, Capcom perfectly recreated Resident Evil 4, making the signature gameplay even more fun with new modern elements. Some say that the remake turned out so good that it surpassed the original, which is now difficult to return to.

At the time of this writing, more than 30 portals have awarded the remake the highest scores  among them IGNVG247VGC, and GameSpot

“Resident Evil 4 2023 more than lives up to the legacy of the original game released nearly two decades ago. Combat is much more fun with smoother controls, upgraded enemy AI and, most importantly, new ways to use the knife. The additional side quests are well balanced in terms of In terms of risk and reward, some boss fights have been greatly improved. Capcom continues its triumphant march through the genre with its series” – Easy Ellies, 100 .


“Resident Evil 4 Remake is the most immersive adventure in the series, remastered, remastered and brought to life to match the project’s enormous potential.” – IGN, 100 .

“Twenty years after the release of Resident Evil 4, Capcom has brought a masterpiece of the same caliber to today’s gamers. They have painstakingly brought the acclaimed classic to modern times and updated it with new content, amazing combat, and stunning visuals.

Resident Evil 4 has always been regarded as one of the best games of all time, and now it’s just reinforcing that status with stunning scenery and action that’s hard to put down. The absolute pinnacle of the series, an amazing piece that will stay in the hearts of longtime fans for a long time and will attract a whole new generation of fans.” – Push Square, 100 .

“This game raises the bar for a “good remake” to a whole new level, while at the same time preserving Resident Evil 4’s legacy as one of the greatest gaming titles of all time.” – GameSpot, 100 .

“A very conservative, but at the same time high-quality remake of the classic of the genre, which should be played by every horror fan. If you once missed this iconic project, you can safely get acquainted with the new version. It can evoke the same emotions as the original when something” –, 90 .

“In my opinion, the Resident Evil 4 remake did not surpass the original, but that’s okay – it was simply impossible to surpass it, and this should not be considered a belittling of the merits of the developers” –, 90 .

“The remake fills in gaps in the story and showcases character growth that hasn’t been seen before. The atmosphere and level design only add to the fun, but the ‘popcorn’ episode with the dominance of action in the final zone spoils the overall mood a bit. Nevertheless, it is undeniably a star-studded remake of an already fantastic game that nonetheless continues to spark controversy between fans of a more classic approach to horror and action fans.” – Noisy Pixel, 90 .

The lowest rating for the project  sevens  was given by DualShockers and Siliconera. Reviewers of these sites believe that Capcom has gone too far in trying to “make perfection even more perfect”, and with a change in a number of accents, it has lost the true face of Resident Evil 4.

“In trying to make Resident Evil 4 more modern, Capcom has lost what made the original so great in the first place” – Siliconera, 70.

“While this project is quite competent in its fundamentals, it shows the least creative power of the developers compared to other Resident Evil remakes, leaving a lot to be desired” – DualShockers, 70.

As a reminder, a demo version of the Resident Evil 4 remake is now available on all platforms ( our impressions ). The premiere is scheduled for March 24th.


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