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Babur’s Gate 4 – the first and only RPG for Europa Universalis IV

Recently, a humorous mod called Babur’s Gate 4 appeared in the Steam Workshop, in the manner of the already cult Baldur’s Gate 3 from Larian. The mod’s developer describes it as “the first and only RPG for the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV.”



The mod description says:


Immerse yourself in the role of Babur, the once ruler of a powerful Indian kingdom, who died an absurd death and found himself in an alien world. You will personally experience the most unique and impressive mod for Europa Universalis IV to date.



According to the developer, players will be able to experience the incredible adventures of Babur in the unfamiliar world of the EU4 strategy. The mod includes a turn-based combat system, inventory, world exploration and quests.

So, in battles, Babur will fight with enemies who are preventing him from returning to his native Mughal kingdom, which awaits him somewhere beyond this world. Along the journey, you can find new companions and useful items to make your characters stronger for battles with powerful opponents.


Despite the fact that Babur’s Gate 4 is in an early alpha version, there are already more than 60 NPC dialogues and three full quests


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