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Bandai Namco: DLC of Elden Ring, Armored Core and Tekken 8 among the leaked games


Several new games seem to have been revealed by the alleged hacker attack suffered by Bandai Namco. Or at least this is what is reported by a document that is circulating on the net that shows several logos and names of the next games to be released, including a DLC of Elden Ring .

In the long and substantial list that appeared on the web we find in addition to the expansion of FromSoftware’s masterpiece, also titles such as Armored Core, Tekken 8, Little Nightmares 3, Tales of Ascension, Dragon Ball FighterZ Super, Code Vein 2 and many others.

In the past few hours, Bandai Namco may have been hit by a  cyber attack , according to statements from the BlackCat  ransomware group . Recall that ransomware are malware used by hackers who effectively put out of use all system files, in exchange for a ransom necessary to restore control to the victims of the attack and thus avoid the spread of data.


At the moment, we do not know if it is actually leaked material or a fake list built ad hoc. The fact is that it is really unlikely that three Dragon Ball titles will all come out together during the same fiscal year. Different speech instead for the Elden Ring DLC , which could very well make its debut during the next year and for the rumored new title of the Armored Core series , of which there have been rumors for some time (even if the launch window is set at the beginning of 2023 in any case appears suspicious).

At the moment Bandai Namco has not left any statements regarding the BlackCat cyber attack and in any case we advise you to consider this information as simple indiscretions pending confirmation or denial.


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