Battlefield 2042, update: Update 1.0 available


Battlefield 2042 is updated today with Update 1.0 , in anticipation of the arrival of the next content for Season 1. The patch introduces several new features and hundreds of improvements within the game. Below are the most relevant changes coming with this substantial and latest update:

  • As for the gameplay, there is an improvement in the control of the characters , with more fluid animations and movements
  • The weapons received an updated netcode to improve hit recording, as well as an additional balance that includes increased bullet speed for DMR and LMG and an accuracy boost for Shotguns
  • Added several events capable of generating XP. For example, the notes mention the killing of an opponent who previously injured a teammate and the destruction of a vehicle by a teammate after it was damaged by us.
  • Increased number of vehicles in the game world in Conquest mode, which increases mobility on the map
  • Sundance ‘s  Wingsuit is now easier to maneuver, but flight duration has been reduced

As we said at the beginning, these are just some of the improvements introduced with patch 1.0. To get a complete overview of the news brought by the update, we recommend that you take a look at the complete official notes on the EA website.



  • Battlefield Update # 1.0 (


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