Beaten and killed in Beyoğlu, thrown from car

Serhat Abik (20), who was beaten and killed by the person or persons whose identity has not yet been determined, in Istanbul Beyoğlu was thrown to the side of the road from a car. The police began work to find the car in which Abik was thrown.

The incident occurred in the Kalyoncu Kullugu District in the evening hours of the previous day. Allegedly, a person was thrown from the car, which slowed down while driving. While those who saw the incident went to the person lying motionless on the ground, the car quickly drove away. Upon the news, the medical police who came to the scene found traces of beating and torture on the body of the person whose identity could not be found. The police, who conducted research in the surrounding area, determined that the deceased person was Serhat Abik (20).


While it is not yet known who or by whom Abik was killed, work has begun to find the car in which he was thrown on the road.


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