Biden tested positive for coronavirus

It was reported that the last Covid-19 test made to US President Joe Biden was positive.

After The Test Of Covid-19 , Which Was Done To US President Joe Biden on July 30, was positive, he was put into quarantine again. In the letter published by Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, stating that the last Covid-19 test done to Biden was positive, “The President is feeling good. “The test this morning was after the President finished a light workout that he enjoyed.”


In the letter, in which it was stated that Biden coughed from time to time, it was stated that he coughed less than yesterday, and it was stated that his fever, pulse, blood pressure and respiratory rate were normal. It was reported that Biden’s quarantine continues.

While the first Covid-19 test on 79-year-old Biden was positive on July 21, his quarantine ended after two tests on July 27 were negative. On July 30, Biden’s Covid-19 test turned positive again. O’Connor described Biden’s retesting as a case of “flashback” seen in a small percentage of patients taking the antiviral drug Paxlovid.


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