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Boss fight in No Rest for the Wicked gameplay from the creators of Ori

The IGN portal published an exclusive gameplay video of the action role-playing game No Rest for the Wicked from Private Division and Moon Studios (Ori). The video is almost 9 minutes long and shows a boss fight.


A detailed demonstration of the game will take place on March 1.


The year is 841 and King Harold is dead. While the news of his death spreads throughout the kingdom, the crown passes to his arrogant, gunpowder-hungry son Magnus.

To make matters worse, the Pestilence has returned – a cursed plague that no one has heard of for a thousand years. A cursed plague is spreading across the earth, corrupting everything and everyone it touches. Matrigal Selina, a ruthless and ambitious figure in the church hierarchy, sees Mora as a chance to prove herself in the eyes of her god.


These forces converge on the remote island of Sacra, where rebel groups and the local government desperately fight for control amid the crumbling, ivy-covered ruins of an ancient civilization.

You are a Kerim, one of a sect of mystical warriors endowed with extraordinary abilities and vowed to end the Blight at any cost. However, the task becomes more difficult as the adventure forces you to plunge into the painful life of the common people and unwittingly plunges you into the maelstrom of political intrigue that takes place in the tormented land. Chaos will pull you in every direction as you strive to cleanse the land of evil and determine the fate of the kingdom.

No Rest for the Wicked is scheduled for early access in the second quarter on PC only . The game will later be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.


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