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Box office for Madame Web dropped by 72% in its second week of release

The second week of distribution of the film Madame Web is coming to an end , but the situation for Sony Pictures continues to be dire: according to official data , the total box office of the film currently stands at $77.4 million, of which $35.4 million is domestic box office receipts in the United States, and $42 million – fees in other countries.



By the beginning of the second week, the box office had fallen by as much as 72% relative to the film’s already low initial box office, which is one of the worst drops in the comic book genre, second only to Captain Marvel 2 , which at one time had a 79% drop. This could lead to cinemas starting to refuse to show the film even before the standard 4 weeks of theatrical release.


Most likely, the final grosses will be even lower than those of the failed Morbius , which two years ago collected only $167.5 million. Madame Web is likely to generate $50-$70 million in losses for Sony, even taking into account the tax breaks the film recently received.


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