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Brand and inclusion: more and more initiatives in support of gamers

Nivea, Turtle Beach, Magnum are some of the brands that focus on women. Giving visibility to gamers to eradicate gender stereotypes is now a trend.

The number of brands pushing for the inclusion of women in the world of esports is growing rapidly.


Etermax Brand Gamification and Turtle Beach, a company that produces gaming headsets, can be counted among the brands that have led the way. Among the initiatives they carried out there was an independent women’s tournament in Fifa, in Brazil, with a prize pool of five thousand reais. All the matches of the tournament were broadcast live on Twitch, on the channels of Thata GamerX, Prado Monster and ePqnoo, streamer partner of the SPQR team, which supported the competition.

The championship saw the participation of ten players who, in the first phase, were divided into two groups and faced each other in the best of two games with an overall score. The top four ranked teams in each group secured a place in the playoffs, which had the same dynamics as the previous round. The tournament was attended by Andressa Redfield, of Cinderella; Carol Docha of Neshoes Miners, Jenni of SPQR, Juliana Silva and Keroll, of Portuguese E-Sports; Luisa Passos, of SPQR; Marielle MC, of ​​WM E-Sports; Natalia Carvalho, of LPB Sports; Teak, by Astralis; and Thata Gamer, of Tuzzy E-Sports.

Another big brand that has decided to support gamers in their battle for a more inclusive esports is Nivea. The famous international brand has created, in collaboration with Riot Games, the Nivea Game Changers, an initiative that has combined efforts to break social paradigms in a community of over 64 million players in Mexico alone. During the League of Legends Latam finals, the brand launched a real manifesto, taking control of the streaming chat. It also made known the stories of representative women through a series of documentaries, supported their professionalization through tournaments and masterclasses and created a community with Women talks. Gamer influencers were also hiredto amplify the message and promote the call for the many proposed activities.

Another brand that has taken action to support women is Magnum, official partner of the Girls and Gaming project. The ice cream brand owned by Unilever and Gaming House Media, a company specializing in esports, have reached an agreement through Twitch. Their collaboration was made together with Havas International and its transmedial content accelerator Bridges. Magnum also wanted to give visibility to women in the world of esports, as are many other brands committed to eradicating gender stereotypes.


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