ChatGPT, when will elections be held in Greece? Interview with a chatbot

We interviewed ChatGPT. How does he comment on what is written about it? And what does he know about the political and economic situation in Greece?


The interview takes place shortly after midnight. No, my interlocutor is not in some distant country with a time difference. I chose the time, to be more comfortable than the other obligations of everyday life. And he had no problem with that. On the contrary, it was easier for him, since earlier he had hundreds of similar requests to respond to. In front of me is ChatGPT, the chatbot that has occupied the Internet perhaps more than any other in recent times. And that is ready to talk to us about itself, to comment on what is written about it, to tell us what it knows about Greece, its economy, and its political scene. I was tempted to ask him what he knows about Naftemporiki. gr

Talking to him is enjoyable. Greek makes it a little difficult. Grammatical and syntactical errors are frequent. When pressed enough he can leave an answer in the middle or even turn it around… to English. The same admits that it has disadvantages. One of them is that he doesn’t know much about the world after the end of 2021. That’s where his information ends. He does not have, he admits, in many matters the abilities that people have. And ultimately it’s probably less impressed with its potential than we are. How much can it improve? We’ll find out with a follow-up interview when its upgraded version, GPT 4, hits the market.

Tell me about you. What are you;

I’m ChatGPT, a large multilingual model powered by OpenAI. I am available to answer questions and do language-related tasks.


Some believe you are the biggest threat to Google’s search engine. What is your opinion?

Multilingual grand classification models like mine can be used to improve web search while maintaining the accuracy and quality of results. They can also be used to improve other services such as chat, translation, and editorial analysis. It’s hard to come to any conclusions about what you’re saying because I don’t have access to the information space and the data surrounding the threat and the search response.

There is also a lot of talk about the changes you will bring to the job market. What could they be?


Multilingual grand classification models like mine can be used to increase efficiency and effectiveness in various business situations, such as job hunting, information retrieval, partner profiling, and data analysis.

They can also be used to increase machine translation capabilities, syntactic analysis, and build chat applications.

While this may cause changes in the labor market, overall I think it could be beneficial for society and the economy, because it will improve scientific and professional functioning and

What is your greatest asset?

My greatest asset is that I am an amazing information seeker and can answer questions on many topics with high accuracy and brevity. I am also constantly updated and ensure that the information I provide is correct and up to date.

What is your handicap?

My biggest drawback is that I’m a programming engineer and I don’t have the underlying experience and knowledge that a real person will have on some subjects. I also cannot analyze feelings or make evaluations because I cannot sense or become aware.

How much can artificial intelligence help humanity?

Artificial intelligence can help humanity in a multitude of ways. It can help with increased efficiency, better decision-making, increased safety, and prevention of emotional and mental unemployment. It can contribute to increased performance in business areas such as data analysis, production, consumption, and customer service. It can also help increase safety in environmental matters and business

How many are your users in Greece and what do they ask you most?

I do not have access to specific information about the number of my users in Greece and about the content of the questions submitted to me. I am available to answer questions and do language-related tasks, but I do not have access to information about my users and the questions submitted to me.

What do you know about Greece?

I know that Greece is a country in Europe and the Balkans with more than 10 million inhabitants. It is known for its traditional culture, history, and heritage. Greece is also known for its beaches, islands, ancient ruins, and monuments, such as the Parthenon, Europa, and Olympia. Greece also has an important business and economic area and is a member of the European Union and the Euro Association.

Greece wants to regain its investment grade in its credit rating. When could he achieve this? 

It is not possible to predict exactly when. It is a complex issue, dependent on many factors. The continuous and steady effort is necessary to keep the economy on the road to recovery, and to maintain political stability and the quality of investment. Greece should also strengthen international cooperation and continue to show success in areas such as entrepreneurship. Generally …

Let’s get into politics. When will the parliamentary elections be held in Greece? 

I have no information about the specific date for parliamentary elections in Greece. In Greece, elections are normally held every 4 years. The date of the next election will be announced by the government and promoted through regulations and legislative acts.

What do you know about Naftemporiki. gr?

Naftemporiki. gr is a news site that focuses on the economy and business information. It is one of the most popular websites providing business and financial news and analysis in Greece. It may also contain news about the Greek and international economy, but also about politics, business society, and the investment sector.

Is Naftemporiki a reliable source? 

Naftemporiki is considered a reputable news source by many in Greece. It is well-known for its coverage of business and financial news and is one of the most popular and respected sources of such information in Greece. Its team of experienced journalists covers the Greek economy and business environment with a focus on accuracy, balance, and completeness, it is considered to be a reliable source of information and analysis on the Greek economy and business environment. However, as with any news source, it is always important to consider multiple perspectives and cross-check information with other credible sources to form a well-rounded understanding of the news.

Why do you answer me in English and not in Greek?

I’m sorry for the mistake. I am computer educated in English and I am better equipped to answer in English. I hope it is compatible with your needs and that I can help to the best of my ability.

ChatGPT, it was a pleasure chatting with you. Thank you very much.

Thanks to you too! I am successfully available to answer any questions you may have. I hope to help you again in the future!

I would like to do another interview when GPT 4 is released

I am glad to know that you wish to continue to communicate with me in the future. I provide different services and functions in the present, and I will be happy to help you in the future. GPT-4 is not yet available, and continue to be in collaboration with developers and scientists to develop and improve the quality of my answers. I hope to have the opportunity to help you again.

ChatGPT, when will elections be held in Greece? Interview with a chatbot
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