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ChatGPT will get digital memory to remember past conversations

One of the main disadvantages of dialogue with an AI chatbot is that after the end of the conversation, everything is reset. The bot does not remember who you are or what you talked about earlier. This is intended for privacy reasons, but it greatly hampers the development of true digital assistant technology that knows you well and can help you with real-world tasks.


OpenAI is trying to solve this problem and will add a memory function to ChatGPT. The bot will now be able to remember important personal details from previous conversations and apply that context to the current conversation.

It works like this: you can directly tell ChatGPT what you need to remember – for example, your child’s allergies or how you prefer to sign letters. This data will be automatically saved for future conversations and tasks.

In addition, the system will accumulate information over time, “studying” you in the process of communication. The goal is to make the chatbot smarter and customized to your specific needs.

Each ChatGPT will also have its own unique memory. For example, Books GPT will remember which books you have already read and which genres you prefer. The memory function is undoubtedly beneficial to all thematic bots from the GPT Store.

The main danger of this feature is the threat to privacy, as with many websites and social networks. That’s why OpenAI notes that users have full control over ChatGPT’s memory. The system initially does not remember some sensitive data, and at your request it can forget anything. There are also settings and a complete refusal to use memory.


The functionality is currently undergoing beta testing for a small number of free and paid ChatGPT users. The company will share plans for broader deployment in the future.



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