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Chinese carmaker BYD will also sell its electric cars in Germany and Sweden


The Chinese automotive giant BYD continues to look at the European market with great interest. The manufacturer made its continent debut last year when it brought its electric cars to Norway. BYD has also been selling some commercial vehicles in Europe for some time, including some electric buses.

A few days ago the manufacturer announced that it would also bring its cars to Japan. And now here we are, with a strengthening of efforts in Europe: in addition to Norway, BYD will start selling its electric cars in Germany and Sweden in 2022 . Both are two markets where electric cars have for some time occupied a non-negligible market share.

The first deliveries in the two countries are expected to start during the last quarter of 2022, and then between the end of autumn and the beginning of the winter season. The cars will be important in Europe thanks to a partnership with the Hedin Mobility Group.

BYD is not the only Chinese brand interested in Europe. In recent months, NIO and Xpeng have also started marketing their cars on our continent. However, the cars of the three Chinese manufacturers are still unpublished in Italy. A matter of little time?


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