‘Chip’ sanction !China suspends sand exports to Taiwan

The first serious retaliation came from Beijing in the Taiwan crisis, which escalated with the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Pelosi. The Chinese government has decided to stop selling sand to Taiwan as of yesterday. Taiwan, which “promotes separatist activities,” will not be able to purchase sand from mainland China until further notice, as of August 3, according to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s statement.

Since the coastline of the island country Taiwan Consists Of Stony Land, The Sand Required For Semiconductor Chip production, glass and concrete production in the country is brought from China by ships. Last year, the amount of sand transported from mainland China to Taiwan was around 6 million tons. Silicon obtained by heat treatment of sand is used in chip (chip) manufacture by Taiwan, the world’s number one semiconductor manufacturer.



According to the data of 2021, Taiwan continues to hold the title of the number one chip manufacturer with a share of 27 percent in the world market. Taiwan’s trade volume with China stood at $328 billion last Year . A new technology crisis awaits the world markets if an alternative supplier cannot be found after China has stopped selling sand.



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