Chips-candy is the most environmentally friendly product

Scientists analyzed the environmental effects of 57 thousand products sold in the markets. Accordingly, the worst foods for the environment were meat and cheese, while the effect of sugar and chips was very low. Fruit juices and carbonated beverages are the products that have the least damage to the environment.

The results of the research on the products sold in the markets in the UK and Ireland were published in the scientific journal PNAS . Researchers from the University of Oxford found that juices and sodas are the products with the lowest environmental impact, even though they are very low in nutrients. Products; The greenhouse gas emissions released during production were analyzed under four headings in terms of water use, land use and pollution of waterways with agricultural additives such as fertilizers.



Biscuits and chips were classified as having low environmental impact. While bread has a moderate environmental impact; fish, cheese and especially red meat were found to be high pollutants. “Replacing meat, dairy, and eggs with plant-based alternatives could greatly benefit the environment,” the researchers say. Red meat is one of the products that climate activists have long criticized for the use of large land for its production, the high water requirement and the carbon emissions it causes.


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