City-building survival RPG Bellwright will enter early access in April

The survival RPG with city-building elements Bellwright will be released into Steam Early Access on April 23, as announced by developers from Donkey Crew.

Bellwright is set in the early Middle Ages. The game combines elements of survival, combat and open world exploration with a storyline involving intrigue and rebellion. Players will lead the resistance against a tyrannical ruler, liberate oppressed villages and uncover the secrets of their origins.

Bellwright offers a settlement-building process where the player can build buildings piece by piece and recruit NPC followers to help with farming, building, hunting, and crafting. The game also features a large world to explore with a variety of characters, enemies, and activities, as well as mechanics that require you to keep track of your character’s condition.

According to the developers, Bellwright will offer a multi-faceted gaming experience from day one of Early Access. The game is expected to remain in early access for about three years.

Bellwright will be available on Steam from April 23rd.


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