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Civilization 6 players share their “crazy” ways to play

With Civilization 7 due out at an unknown date, Civilization 6 fans continue to find creative and chaotic ways to stretch the gameplay beyond its standard capabilities. In a recent thread on Reddit, the community shared their favorite “clinically insane” methods for playing Civ 6.



Naturally, many use mods and custom settings to wreak havoc. One gamer said that he makes AI win by clearing obstacles in the way of computer civilizations.


Now I play for the Ottoman Empire in alliance with Gilgamesh, declaring joint wars on nearby civilizations. I destroy their walls, military camps and armies, and then patiently wait for Gilgamesh to take these cities for himself, reaching the capital. I will force the AI to win by capturing all the capitals.



Another creates maps filled with the maximum number of playable factions, arranging a battle of all against all. And another one, when he’s bored, plays on a special custom map:


I have a custom map saved, consisting of six islands, all of them surrounded by mountains with one exit to the ocean. Sometimes, when I’m bored, I try to win by capturing all the capitals.


Some people set themselves challenges to increase difficulty. One player is constantly at war with all civilization powers at once. Another refuses to build vital infrastructure, filling the empire with useless Wonders.


Reddit users also come up with scenarios that are impossible without special mods and settings, such as the popular option of connecting all seven seas, where it is usually impossible to dig channels through the hills. Mods remove such restrictions, opening up space for grandiose engineering projects.


Although some experiments end sadly, there are not many alternatives to Civ yet. So, it’s a matter of finding the right personal call.


Here are some other ways to play:


  • Duel on one map, you can only build one city, but the maximum number of city-states is available


  • Play without farms


  • Playing as Australia on the world map, you need to win a scientific victory before other civilizations meet


  • 26 civilizations, extra-large map, extended eras, epic speed, cost of technology and cultural discoveries 8 times higher, no war


  • A game in which you can build one city on each continent


  • Turning the entire continent into a huge national park


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