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“Cloud gaming will not kill game consoles”, word of Microsoft


Is cloud gaming the future? Maybe, but in that future game consoles will continue to exist , contrary to what one might think. To say it is Microsoft, which between Azure server and Game Pass Ultimate in a certain sense is the current queen of this promising sector.

Pav Bhardwaj , who is the Senior Global Product Manager of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass division, spoke on the subject . In short, one of the undisputed protagonists of the race for cloud gaming. During an interview with, Bhardwaj reassured the most apprehensive players, explaining that cloud gaming, at least in Microsoft’s intentions, will not replace traditional gaming consoles.

In the last eight years, things have changed a lot, just think of the evolution of technology or the band available to players. However, user expectations have also increased at the same pace. We can objectify cloud gaming via a Smart TV app, like Disney Plus and Netflix do with home video entertainment. You don’t need a console. However, some people will still prefer a console, they want to have dedicated gaming hardware in their living room. I believe that the two should not cannibalize each other. After all, PCs still exist, so I think there will also be new mediums that will be introduced in the future

he said. Microsoft, in other words, envisions a future where different products will coexist. It will be up to the players to choose how to access their video game library.


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