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Continue to invest abroad from the Turkish company

The Turkish company BinBin started service in Bosnia and Herzegovina after Bulgaria.

BinBin, a technology company operating in the field of micromobility, started its operations In Sarajevo , the capital of Bosnia And Herzegovina , with 1000 Segway brand scooters. 


The CEO of the company, Kadir Abdik, said:

“After Sofia, we are very happy to start our services in Sarajevo. There aren’t many countries that can do scooter operation and customer experience as perfectly as we do. We have a 24-hour business by nature. We want to be in 15 cities abroad by the end of 2022. In this context, we will continue our investments in countries where we believe we can create added value. As a company that opens up to the world, we aim to grow in a healthy and stable manner abroad as well as in our country.”


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