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Creating YouTube Short will get a little easier


YouTube continues to focus a lot on Shorts , that is short clips lasting a few tens of seconds. The model of online entertainment is shifting to that kind of content, the proof is that even Facebook and Instagram – despite the protests and despite many uncertainties – are giving more weight to the Reels, at the expense of other content.

It is the micro-entertainment model cleared by TikTok. YouTube doesn’t want to stand by.

Recently, YouTube unveiled a new tool designed to facilitate the creation of Shorts from a longer video. Content creators will be able to import their videos into the Shorts platform.

There are no more limits for uploading. Any life can be imported, regardless of its duration. Thanks to the new tool, content creators will be able to easily convert the video into a clip of up to 60 seconds. The editor then allows you to edit the video, adding filters, texts and other special effects.

In the event that the video has a duration of less than 60 seconds, users can then use the internal YouTube camera to record new clips, which will then be edited in order to create a single cohesive content.


The Shorts extrapolated from a longer video already uploaded on YouTube can then contain a link that refers to the original content. In short, the Shorts thus become a tool to convey traffic on longer content. The new tool to create Shorts videos is being rolled out on Android and iOS.


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