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Creative Assembly: the Alien Isolation team talks about the new sci-fi FPS


New details emerge on the new Creative Assembly title that has been in development for four years now. The team behind Alien Isolation told Edge Magazine some information about the new sci-fi FPS in Unreal Engine 5 they are working on.

The first rumors about a new triple A project by Creative Assembly date back to 2015, but the confirmation of the genre of belonging came only in 2019. Since 2018, the team has been working on a project that still remains unnamed. According to creative director Alistar Hope, the game will boast a great ” attention to detail and authenticity ” and will strive to “understand the source material”. Unfortunately, no information has been released regarding this cited material.

It’s our new IP , and it’s a world we’re creating, and obviously we’re working hard and we really want to do it right , ”added Rob Bartholomew, chief product officer.

From the information gathered by EDGE, the next Creative Assembly project will depart from the previous productions of the studio , known for the acclaimed Alien Isolation but also for the strategic series Total War.


  • Alien Isolation’s team has been working on a sci-fi FPS for four years (


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