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Crow Country – horror with retro graphics, will be released on May 9

SFB Games has announced that their upcoming survival horror game Crow Country will be released on May 9th. To celebrate, the team shared a new gameplay trailer.



Crow Country is a horror game with gorgeous 32-bit retro graphics. It looks like we’ve been transported back three decades to the time of the PS1 and Sega Saturn. Fans of the era should be thrilled to be able to add to the collection.

In Crow Country, you play as Mara Forest as she investigates the sudden closure of the Crow Country theme park. The game will feature a third-person camera, as well as various puzzles to solve. In addition, you will be able to fight some monsters.



As players discover new areas, they will be able to go back and make new discoveries. In this way, they will gradually piece together the picture of why the park was closed and where its owner Edward disappeared to. Moreover, the game will have an exploration mode that allows you to travel without fear of being attacked.


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