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DBC 198: RPG Digest, Pax Viking and more


you listeners would be the unwary tourists and we – it is clear – would be the classic local pickpockets, ready to replace your charming backpack full of hope and wonder, with darkness and corruption made in DBC. We will do it in a sneaky way, offering you a wide variety of content such as Pax Viking, a BALLET Digest and a series of activities to do under the umbrella before being consumed by the summer heat.

In this episode:

  • If you thought that this would be an episode like the others, the opening of the DukeConte will chew you to perfection and proceed in expelling your distorted limbs from tunnels too gory to deserve comment. Hallucinating journey with MaC for an  RPG Digest  to remember. CONGRATULATIONS.
  • The only one to feed the false hopes of an episode like any other, with a Viking-themed game on everyone’s lips, is the good Banda. Pax Viking , the newest member of the Pax series, puts you in the shoes of Jarl who will try to unite the warring tribes of the north. From 1 to 6 players, Vikings, Gang… What more do you want?
  • Mix & match intervention (AKA I put in a little bit of everything) for Captain Rubbo. A Kickstarter project, a game book AND a game to satisfy your refined tastes (or confuse you like there is no tomorrow). All the activities of this intervention are suitable for the travel and holidays of all of you dear friends and listeners. Gordon Pym ,  Dice Trucking  and  Santa Monica . Let’s go!
  • Closing with a bang, and by bang we mean a grotesque graphics, for Jack. A low cost card game to challenge friends under the umbrella, on the train, or waiting to be swallowed by the darkness. 5 Cucumbers  is like this: a pastime that is more than it seems. Listening is believing.

Good listening and as always… See you on the other side !!


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