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Dead Cells developers will not close the game

The developers of Dead Cells have reassured fans who fear that the game may be closed due to the development of the next title, Windblown. Studio Motion Twin has assured that Dead Cells is not going anywhere anytime soon.



Following the announcement that the Dead Cells 35 update would be the final content drop for one of the best roguelike games, there was concern in the community that Motion Twin would essentially be ceasing regular support for Dead Cells from partner Evil Empire (the team behind the latest updates) to make room for your new game.


The studio writes in the FAQ :



We saw this question, and it… frankly, it hurts us… No, it would be a completely illogical idea to kill Dead Cells to replace it with Windblown – Dead Cells cannot be killed, not at all! The game will not go anywhere, it will not be closed or anything like that will be done.


And yes, from a production point of view, we could very well develop both Dead Cells and Windblown in parallel. In fact, it would be much easier and more profitable to simply stuff Dead Cells with additional content for years to come out of greed. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen to some games in the past.


But this would reduce its overall quality, and this is unacceptable. We want to keep the original core formula intact – that’s what the game is, that’s how it’s always been. That’s all,


As for Update 35, there is no date yet, but Motion Twin will announce it as soon as possible. As for Dead Cells 2, the studio does not yet know whether to make a sequel.


Dead Cells and Windblown were never competitors in any way. In fact, we see a bright future where both our worlds can develop in parallel.


Meanwhile, Windblown is scheduled for 2024


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