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Deaf and mute Bill Skarsgård avenges his family in the trailer for the action movie Boy Kills World

A trailer for Boy Kills World (“Boy Against Everyone”), an adrenaline-pumping action movie inspired by dozens of cult films, has appeared on the Internet. In the video you can see the plot of the story – the villains killed the main character’s family and left him deaf and dumb. And he has grown up, pumped up and is ready to take revenge.



And all this is in a dystopian future where people kill each other on TV shows.




Boy is a deaf and mute guy whose family was killed by Hilda Van Der Kooy, the head of a corrupt post-apocalyptic dynasty. After the death of his loved ones, Boy escapes into the jungle, where a mysterious shaman teaches him martial arts in order to turn him into a “weapon of death” directed against Hilda. Having completed his training, Boy finds himself alone in a crazy dystopian world and soon finds himself in a resistance group actively opposed to the ruling dynasty.


The author of the idea of the film and the director was the little-known Moritz Mohr. But the producer of the film is Sam Raimi, and the cast includes Bill Skarsgård (“It”), Sharlto Copley (“The A-Team”, “Hardcore”), Famke Janssen (“X-Men”), Jessica Rothe (“Happy Death Day”) “), Michelle Dockery (“The Gentlemen”), Brett Gelman (“The Office”) and Yayan Rukhyan (“The Raid”).


The world premiere of the film is scheduled for April 26. The militant will reach Russia on May 16.


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