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Death Stranding 2 trailer recorded on PS5 – graphics could get even better

In a recent video, Hideo Kojima provided new information about Death Stranding 2. He confirmed that the recent trailer was recorded on PlayStation 5 hardware, and suggested that the visuals could become even better for release, despite the already demonstrated quality.


The director talked about a system of dynamic landscape changes that affects gameplay – for example, roads will be destroyed by natural disasters. The development timeline is also indicated: assets for the game are already ready, voice acting of characters in Japanese will begin this year in anticipation of the release announced for 2025.

Additional details were announced that we already know – including that the action will take place outside of America, there will be new characters like a doll modeled after German director Fatih Akin (rather than Alan Wake), and the roles of the characters from the original will be expanded .


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