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Death Stranding is inspired by real Japanese cargo carriers – this news shocked fans after five years

Death Stranding is a meditative game where you have to drag a load across the country without tripping. But some fans are just now learning that this mechanic is actually inspired by a traditional Japanese profession.



A recent Twitter thread talked about “one of the weirdest jobs in Japan” called bokka. These are cargo carriers that carry supplies to mountainous areas where vehicles cannot travel.


Boccas use special wooden frames with steps to carry 100-165 kg of loads throughout the day.



Sam Porter ( Porter from English – porter ) Bridges. Challenging 10km climbs. Writhing down a slope under a load. It turns out that Death Stranding was a bokki simulator, it is unclear why this fact was kept secret all these years.

A similar load carrier role exists in some European countries, including Slovakia, so Kojima’s team did not exaggerate the hardships of simply walking with a pack on your back. Some mountain couriers are said to have climbed Mount Fuji with loads of over 100kg, and you can imagine their pain if a wrong step caused their entire load to fall. If you’ve played Death Stranding, you definitely have an idea.


If you are interested in this profession, below is a documentary about one of these carriers. Everything is in Japanese, but just the evidence of the physical feat is already interesting.

As expected, Death Stranding players quickly noticed the parallel, some were even surprised that art imitates life. And user cuddlepuunk said that this detail gives the game a “new light.”


A sequel, Death Stranding 2: On the Beach, is due out in 2025, where the mechanics of forced marches with cargo will be further developed. Actor Norman Reedus said that the sequel will be even more violent, but the peaceful walks with a load on your back should remain.


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