Death toll in flood disaster in Iran rises to 69

In the flood disaster caused by heavy rains in Iran, the loss of life increased to 69, while the number of casualties rose to 45.

The death toll increased to 69 in the Flood disaster caused by heavy rains that started last week in Iran And Affected The Country.


Iranian Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Head Mehdi Velipur said in a statement, “Tehran, Loristan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Isfahan and Yazd provinces were the places that were most affected by the floods that were effective in 21 states in the country.” In his statement, Velipur said, “In the latest data, the number of people who lost their lives due to floods has increased to 69 and 45 people are still missing.”

Iran Crisis Management Institution Deputy General Coordinator Nejad Cehani stated that the most loss of life in the flood disaster was in the capital, Tehran, and said, “The highest loss of life in the country was in Tehran. 32 people lost their lives in the capital Tehran due to the flood.” Stating that the flood caused material damage throughout the country, Cehani said, “20,000 houses were damaged in the floods. 13 thousand of these houses need to be rebuilt. 7 thousand houses have become completely unusable.”

In the statement made by the Iranian Meteorology Directorate, it was stated that the rains will continue throughout the country throughout the week and warned the people to stay away from the streams and river beds.

Death toll in flood disaster in Iran rises to 69in the flood disaster caused by heavy rains, and 28 missing people were sought.

On the other hand, in 2019, 76 people died in floods caused by heavy rains in southern Iran.



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