Dementia: The risk increases due to ultra-processed snacks, drinks and foods


From China, a recent study declares that consuming snacks , drinks , snacks , but also ice cream, fried chicken, sausages, yogurt and beans is not healthy. Also add canned tomatoes, mayonnaise, ketchup, guacamole or packaged bread. All ultra-processed foods that could contribute to the increased risk of developing dementia .

They are tasty and attractive foods, but high in added sugar, fat and salt. In particular, of food additives: molecules deriving from packaging or products during heating. In short, deleterious foods for the ability to think or for memory . To arrive at this confirmation, the researchers analyzed data from 72,083 people over 55 and without dementia. The aim was to find a link between the consumption of ultra-processed foods and the development of dementia.

The participants were divided into four groups according to their eating habits . After 10 years, analyzes showed that 518 people had developed dementia. Specifically, in the group that consumed the least ultra-processed foods, 105 had developed dementia, the one with the highest consumption the number had risen to 150. The researchers also studied data for age, gender, genetic inheritance, heart disease and other risk factors. The result was that the likelihood of developing dementia increased by 25% for every 10% increase in the intake of ultra-processed foods each day.

A problem that could be solved by changing one’s diet . If you replace 10% of ultra-processed foods with foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, legumes or milk, risk dementia decreases by 19%.




  • Control your craving for snacks, drinks and ultra-processed foods: they could increase the risk of dementia (


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