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Deus Ex developers asked actor Adam Jensen to stop talking about the character

Actor Elias Toufexis is best known for his role as Adam Jensen, the protagonist of Eidos Montreal’s Deus Ex. He enjoys talking about the character and his possible future, but he says the studio that owns the franchise preferred that he not mention Jensen as often.


Tufexis is not limited to one role. He recently appeared in Starfield as the charming space cowboy Sam Cole, and has also been cast as the alien L’aka in the new season of Star Trek: Discovery. But all these years later, his roles as Adam Jensen in 2011’s Human Revolution and 2016’s Mankind Divided remain some of his most popular, even though we haven’t seen a new game starring the character in nearly a decade. And that doesn’t stop Toufexis from talking about Jensen. And Eidos Montreal doesn’t like it.

In a new interview with PCGamesN, Toufexis hints that his relationship with Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal isn’t as good as fans might assume. He says that after 2016 the studio stopped contacting him, and all he heard about Deus Ex and the studio’s future projects were rumors from “friends” off the record.

Even when [Eidos Montreal] moved on to Guardians Of The Galaxy, putting the sequel [Deus Ex] on hold, I learned about it from the outside. They don’t tell me anything. All I’ve heard are unofficial rumors from friends, and there aren’t many of them.

Toufexis recalls that the last time he received a call from Eidos was in 2020:

They asked me to stop talking about Adam Jensen in interviews and podcasts because they wanted people to focus on other studio projects. It really shows how popular Jensen is – or was.


Now it is unlikely that we will see a sequel to Deus Ex from Eidos Montreal, owned by Embracer Group, which has disbanded many studios recently. And in January it was reported that a possible sequel to Deus Ex had been canceled amid cutbacks at the studio.

The actor recently said goodbye to Jensen, although he still left open the possibility of returning if another company bought the rights to the series.


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