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Deutsche Telekom showed a concept app-free smartphone that relies entirely on AI

The popularity of a mobile OS depends on its vast ecosystem of applications that should be useful to users. But what if AI did all this work instead of apps downloaded through the store? Deutsche Telekom believes that future smartphones will rely on artificial intelligence rather than apps to complete tasks, and has teamed up with T-Mobile and Qualcomm to show off a concept smartphone powered entirely by AI.



During the presentation, Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges expressed confidence that in 10 years no one will use apps, hinting that all their work will be taken over by AI. The concept smartphone shown is said to have an app-free interface, and although it is not yet ready for mass use, it is already capable of performing some functions. For example, respond to commands, recommend travel destinations, or make a purchase for the smartphone owner.


Other tasks include sending pictures and videos to contacts, although such features can already be implemented in a couple of clicks in applications. Assuming all this functionality is available through voice commands, AI models need to be trained to accurately send content or return search results. Since English has many accents in different regions, and in many countries it is not spoken at all – how will large language models cope with this obstacle?

And this is just one of many barriers that can kill a smartphone at the development stage. While applications provide the convenience that the owner of the gadget expects. While there are uses for AI, especially when integrated into applications, today’s users still prefer to have control over what they do. If AI only produces what it thinks is necessary, users may not even be aware of alternative options and solutions.


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