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Diablo 4 data miner reveals why the most powerful items are incredibly rare, and how little the latest patch changed

Lothric, a data miner who previously created accurate build planners even before the release of Diablo 4, published a table of data on the probability of obtaining Super Unique items. Blizzard has not yet confirmed the accuracy of this data, but the numbers match information D4 Craft obtained from datamining last year.


Diablo 4 streamer Rob2628 summarized the results in a video, and the conclusion is that the latest patch did not increase the drop chances enough for anyone to actually count on them. Super unique items have gone from being completely impossible for even the most avid farmers to being very unlikely even for the most avid farmers.

Each class has its own chances due to compatibility with items, but, for example, for barbarians the probability of Harlequin Crest has increased from 1 in 10 million to 1 in 7000. So if you are ready to spend hundreds of hours grinding dungeons, go ahead, but dozens of hours to farm boss Duriel (he has a 2% drop chance) look generous.

Player reports about Super Uniques dropping after the patch coincide with data from Lothric. It’s true that sometimes they don’t drop from Duriel, but it’s still more effective to endlessly kill him. True, players were hoping for a way to diversify farming – maybe in the next patch?

Super unique ones are not required for the game, but they have fun effects for non-standard builds, like an amulet that turns mana into health and grants almost immortality. However, Blizzard doesn’t seem to want just anyone running around with these powerful items.


This position is puzzling after the recent addition of a crafting method that allows you to create any item of your choice from five Super Uniques. Many would like to find at least one, but here you need as many as five. Therefore, Diablo 4 players have been wondering for the last few days who this system is even intended for.



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