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Diablo Immortal is a success, despite the controversy: 49 million dollars in turnover in just one month


Despite everything, Diablo Immortal was a financial success. The launch of the smartphone game was immediately accompanied by strong controversies: “it’s a pay-to-win ”, accuse several players and specialized magazines.

Yet his unscrupulous monetization techniques have proved fruitful. Proof of this is that the game, since its launch, has generated an average of over $ 1 million a day. In total, the game generated revenues of $ 49 million in its first month of life .

In the meantime, the game has been downloaded more than 10 million times, although recently it has almost disappeared from the pages of the most viewed on Twitch. In short, the suspicion is that this money machine could crash very soon, considering that the popularity of the game is rapidly waning.

The fact is that Blizzard’s game has broken some important records, performing much better than other competing games. For example, the mobile version of Apex Legends generated revenues of $ 11.6 million during its first month of life. Yes, the latter has been downloaded by over 20 million people. In short, double the number of players to generate less than a quarter of the turnover.

This is not a good sign for the industry: it means that aggressive practices to pluck players not only work, but are even preferable to more ‘ethical’ monetization tactics.



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